• Healthy Pregnancy® How our Sanitization services contribute in Healthy Pregnancy

When you have a baby growing in you, there are a lot of habitual changes you undergo to ensure they are getting the best fetal development. A recent study proved just how much of an effect airborne chemicals and dust mites in your home can have on pregnancy as the dust mites that the mother inhaled were found in the baby’s cord blood. The study confirmed that when babies are exposed to a lot of this bacteria early on in utero, they are more likely to develop allergy problems at a later stage in life.

In order to ensure that you are holistically providing your child with the best prenatal care, it is advised to treat nutritious and home sanitization needs with equal importance. We, at the Healthy Home, provide mothers with the best air and surface sanitization treatments using our cutting edge technology and expertise.

Keep in mind that what you eat and drink is as important as the environment in which you are living and the air you are breathing in. For that reason, moms should try to ensure that their homes are always sanitized. A loss of lung power can be detected as early as 4 weeks of age. Early intervention within the first few months of life is vital in preventing the remodeling of airways, which is the trademark of asthma.

Did you know…

Pregnant women are more susceptible to bacteria & viruses in the house

You have around 9,000 different species of bacteria and fungus in your house

The nicotine and CO2 residuals that exist in your house are passed onto your unborn baby


Benefits of our Sanitization and disinfection services

Protected healthier family

Boosts immune system

Easier Breathing

Better Sleep Quality

Peace of mind

Bacteria free environment

Why you should choose our House Cleaning Services

The Healthy Home® Healthy Pregnancy® disinfection and sanitization treatments package uses the latest technology and environmentally friendly solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. Our sanitization process distributes microscopic disinfectant droplets to cover surfaces that are unreachable with the common cleaning practice, resulting in a better and longer-lasting protection against germs.