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What Makes Your Carpet Dirty?

It is safe to say that carpets and rugs are one of the home furniture items that need extra attention and regular cleaning. Carpets naturally trap air pollutants and millions of germs, bacteria, and dust mites which leads to triggering allergy and asthma attacks. All of those are impurities picked up by your carpet without bringing in external factors like dirt residue from shoes or pets, or just from leaving a window open.

Though it is common in all households to regularly vacuum the carpets and rugs in the house, it is simply not enough to keep your carpet safe or equal to what a professional carpet cleaning in Dubai can do.

Why do you need professional carpet cleaning in Dubai?

It is as simple as to what carpet cleaning machine is being used. A home vacuum cleaner will not have the same suction strength to deep clean and get rid of the germs our carpets trap daily. Vacuums without HEPA filtration blow out the dirt and dust you have vacuumed up from the carpet in the first place, making your carpet one of the top 5 dirtiest places at home, and leaving the deep fibers of the carpet filled with harmful bacteria untouched.

A professional carpet cleaning in Dubai is highly recommended every 6 months to maintain all the health benefits that come with it, and also to keep your carpet looking brand new.

Is carpet cleaning safe for kids?

Kids and most babies spend a lot of time crawling their way on carpets and rugs, which is why it is so important to make sure that the carpet is a healthy environment for your kids.

Most carpet cleaning services in Dubai use chemicals and shampooing as the only option. At The Healthy Home®, we have made sure that the safety of your family and home comes first with our dry and chemical-free carpet cleaning:

We use the option of dry vacuuming and sanitization that guarantees the results your carpet and home needs for a safer environment by using:

We also have a carpet shampooing option that is eco-friendly and chemical-free to ensure the safety of your family.

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