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Healthy home: Time to sleep easy
September 12, 2013
A new Dubai-based company is encouraging UAE residents to look at..

The healthy home sanitization cleaning services Dubai
July 19, 2018
This week, we found out that around two million dust mites live in the average..

The Healthy Home Cleaning

We know cleaning chores can get tricky sometimes, mamas. Home is the..

Asthma and allergy incidence high in the UAE

Gulf News – Dubai
August 6, 2015

Thousands of microbes found in house dust

More children in UAE suffering from asthma than ever before
DUBAI // More children are suffering from allergies and chronic asthma – and..

A Dubai-based company The Healthy Home is taking on the dust and bugs

It doesn’t bear thinking about, but at any given time, there are about two million..