• Safe Shield

Is your health important to you?

There are over thousands of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts contaminating surfaces and can be extremely resilient to cleaning and disinfection. It has also been proven that prolonged exposure to high levels of indoor dampness, mould, dirt and can reduce lung function and cause chronic health problems such as asthma and it can also worsen allergies. So it is imperative that we keep our home safe against bacteria at all times. That is why we are introducing the future of antimicrobial technology and treatment “Safe Shield®” in Kuwait. Our Safe Shield® treatment is formulated to not only kill the toughest germs but creates a shield that keeps sanitizing the surface non-stop for upto 30 days. This treatment is totally organic, alcohol-free, water based, and eco-friendly. We recommend using our Pure Surface® treatment and then following it up by our Safe Shield® treatment for maximum protection. Choose the germ fighting solution you need to protect your home & family.

How Safe Shield works



Safe Shield spray bonds to the surface to create a protective layer


The Safe Shield sprayed surface attracts pathogens


The pathogen bursts like a balloon on contact

You’re protected!

Did you know…

You carry home 60,000 types of germs on a daily basis

80% of cross-contamination occurs through contact, i.e. surfaces and hands

Surfaces stay germ free for 10-15 minutes after sanitization before being contaminated again


Better Sleep Quality

Protected healthier family

Easier breathing

Boosts Immune System

Allergy & Asthma relief

Bacteria free environment