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A survey indicated that parents are mostly worried about their children catching a cold or a virus from their nursery or school. We, at the Healthy Home®, have a mission of keeping childrens’ environments clean and eliminating airborne contaminants and common contagious bacteria using our latest technology with surface sanitization and AC cleaning. We offer certified sanitization solutions that ensure safe and high hygienic standards are maintained in nurseries, and schools in order to create a healthier and safer education.

Did you know…

According to ABC News, schools have a germ count ranging from 2,000 – 15,000

More than 3 in 5 parents are concerned that their kids are exposed to germs at school

More and more parents are starting to ask for a referral for sanitized schools and nurseries


Asthma & Allergy-friendly Certified

Promote Holistic Well Being

Reduce Cross Contamination

Parents’ Peace of Mind

Brand Differentiation

Reduced Energy Expenditure

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Leena Narain

Marketing, Maple Bear Early Learning Center

With The Healthy Home, we have not only been assured that our children are in a dust free, chemical free and impurity free environment, but also have experienced the services to cause no trouble to our youngest age groups. Their services are designed in a very child friendly manner and are highly efficient. Our main concerns were for an odorless, chemical free, and equipment specific cleaning and The Healthy Home has amazed us with their services.

Kids Advisor

We are a Family Education Awareness Enthusiast Company providing updated, accurate, useful & quality information, as well as educational/leisure resources to our community in the UAE in our online platforms. Worth to mention, we are also a reliable sister company of the successful Green Grass nursery operating since 2013. Kids Advisor was founded aiming to guide, inspire and encourage family fun and values, by providing resources in the field of parenting, leisure activities, education & more throughout the wonderful features of this amazing country. Moreover, we aim to build community sense as we go through the process of inspiring, learning, educating, playing and exploring together.

Arwa Naccho

Manager /Partner, Green Grass Nursery

The best who can benefit from The Healthy Home services are nurseries. Why? Toddlers and babies are prone to illnesses and manage to put everything in their mouths when crawling around, that’s why its crucial that the environment they are in is sanitized and free of germs at all times, we found this service at The Healthy Home plus they provide the best AC duct cleaning of the air ducts and AC units to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Keeping children of all ages safe and healthy is one of the most important tasks of child care providers. Whether children are in the nursery, providers are responsible for ensuring safety both inside and outside their childcare setting.

Melinda Meneses

Marketing Manager, Cheeky Monkeys Playland

As a multi-award winning soft play & party venue in UAE, one of our missions is to provide our customers with the experience of play, learn and celebrate in a safe and hygienic environment. We trust The Healthy Home as they apply the highest standard of sanitizing procedure and high quality equipment when it comes to disinfecting our facility. We thank The Healthy Home for your great service!

Amy Pritchard

Deputy Manager, Building Blocks Nursery

At Building Blocks, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and clean environment for our little ones. We choose the Healthy Home to sanitize our classrooms as an extra precaution and to ensure that we are taking every measure during such times as winter when incidents of illness in Dubai can increase. We have been impressed with their professional and thorough service, and they always ensure to accommodate our booking.

Nina Patari

Nursery Manager, Art Village Nursery, Jumeirah 2 Branch

“We chose to work in partnership with the Healthy Home for several reasons; their excellent customer care, always being so very professional and caring, for the time effective way to conduct all services, still showing nothing but care for the customer, and for the environmentally friendly products used when cleaning our school environment from dust. We are looking forward a long and lasting collaboration with the Healthy Homes, thank you for caring so for our children’s environment!”