5 Easy Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

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We always stress on maintaining the most expensive assets we have bought. Or we can say the luxuries in our house or any other property. We usually install some complex systems in our houses but be most of the time forget that these systems which provide comfort need our attention as well. These systems need to be looked after. This might sound like a lot of work and costs, but it is not if you are maintaining these systems often. One of the most important systems which we all install for our comfort in our house is the Air Conditioner. We usually forget that air conditioners also require maintenance to provide a perfect cool environment in the house.

Therefore, we will be discussing some tips of AC cleaning. One thing to keep in mind is that the maintenance of air conditioners is required very often. You should be at least able to clean them on your own so that its vent can blow cool air evenly. Since dust is all around our atmosphere, air conditioners become the first victim of dust.

Tips On Maintaining Air Conditioners:

  • Clean The Coils And Vents Of The Air Conditioner:

Since dust is everywhere in the environment, make sure to clean the vent of the air conditioners thoroughly. No matter how much effort we make to keep all the windows, doors, ad other tiny openings of the house sealed there are still dust particles seen inside the house. These particles get gathered in the vent and coil of the air conditioners and block the cool air. That is why make sure to wipe the dust and dirt from the coil and vents of the air conditioners. You may use a wet sponge to clean it.

  • Clean The Invasive Plants Or Any Debris Inside:

There are a lot of chances that these small invasive plants or debris like small leaves, grass, and pollen, etc. can grow inside the air conditioners or even around the outdoor units of the house. These badly block the air to be blown out. The reason why these invasive plants grow is because of the moisture which is always in the air conditioners. It leaves space for these small plants to grow. You must immediately trim the surrounding plants which might affect the air conditioners. 

  • Get The Service Done By A Professional:

Make sure you get the service of the AC done by a professional. Professionals have the right experience and clean the ac in a better and more efficient way. They even check the sufficiency of the gas in the air conditioner. 

  • Ac Duct Cleaning And Maintenance:

If the duct is ripped or broken from somewhere it would not let the air pass through it. Therefore, always check that there is no leakage or blockage in your ducts so that cool air can be passed easily. It is very important to check the duct on a regular basis. If you want to enjoy a healthy environment then it is very important for you to keep your AC duct clean.

  • Change Filters Monthly:

Dirty filters would not let the air to pass properly. That is why make sure to clean them with water every month by changing them or replacing them. Not changing the filters will not only ruin the indoor environment but it will also lower the lifespan of the air conditioner. 

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