How to Clean Your Home Before Your Baby Arrives?

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Now that you have a baby on the way, it’s important to offer a clean, healthy environment for him/her upon arrival. And the best thing you can focus on is eliminating any of the dust, grime or dirt in your home. Here you have some guidelines on how you can clean your home before the baby will arrive.

Clean the carpets

Let’s face it, the carpets is where you will find most of the dirt, pet dander or debris. This is where your baby will end up sitting and trying to move. So it makes sense to ensure that you clean the carpets very well to avoid any problems. Carpets need to be cleaned with eco-friendly products to ensure that there are no chemicals. Even carpet fresheners are a no-go here, as that can be very problematic for your child. Vacuuming is also a really good idea and it will help you a lot. 


In the kitchen you want to keep a clean area where you can prepare bottles. Deep cleaning the countertops is a priority and you also want to wipe all the appliances and drawers. Disinfection is a must especially for those items that you will use for preparing your child’s meals. You should also clean the fridge too.


When it comes to furniture cleaning, you want to use eco-friendly cleaning products, no chemicals are allowed. Disinfection is a must, you can also use a steam cleaner for cleaning upholstery. And yes, there should be no smoking inside your home to really avoid any issues. If you can work with a professional cleaning company, they should be able to solve this issue pretty fast. It’s important to eliminate any dust, dirt or grime especially from the furniture. This ends up being what attracts dust and grime in the first place, so it’s a priority to focus on right from the start. But it will be worth it.

Remove the dust and cobwebs

These are not friendly environments for your baby. You do want to make sure that all the cobwebs and dust are removed quickly from your home. This will just end up attracting all kinds of bacteria and your child is very sensitive. So you do want to protect him and ensure that there are no issues. Once you do that you will be very happy with the results.

If you use these tips you should have no problem preparing your home for your baby. It’s not easy to do that on your own, most of the time you will have to work closely with a cleaning team to make that happen. But in the end it’s a priority and you do want to keep your entire family safe. Especially your child, which is prone to many health issues if the home is not clean. So you should consider working with a cleaning service to eliminate bacteria, dust and grime from your home. This way you can be 100% sure this is an environment ready for your baby!