How Can Mattress Cleaning Improve Your Health

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Introduction We all like to keep our homes beautiful and hygienic. No one likes a dirty and unhygienic house.  We want our homes to be very clean because it is where we spend majority of our time with our family members. As the weather in the Middle East is mostly very hot and humid most of our time is spent indoors and it is most likely to have more pollution in the air than the outdoors. This means that regular cleaning of our home, sofas, surfaces and, mattresses is extremely important to get rid of surface and hidden impurities to ensure a healthy living. These impurities and dirt particles might look small and un-harmful at start but they are bound to become unhealthy in the long run.

Dirt And Impurities In Your Mattress Can Damage Your Health?

It is known that our beds and mattresses contain large percentage of germs. Bed Bugs can be very dangerous. They are the cause of many bodily diseases. No matter how clean you think your mattress looks, it is still filled with small and microscopic bed bugs that cannot be seen with a naked eye. These bed bugs and dirt particles in the air contaminate the mattress and when people inhale these dust particles then they become unhealthy as well. 

Staying at home for majority of the time means spending most of that time lying in the bed. Usually when we lay on the bed the sweat from our bodies is likely to get absorbed by the mattress especially if the weather is hot and humid. When we sleep our skin sheds off the dead skin cells and this along with the sweat gets absorbed in the mattress and gives birth to various dust mites inside it which in turn will make your mattress extremely unhygienic and harmful for your health to sleep on. Moreover, the impurities are likely to augment in the air and on the surfaces if the air conditioners are used excessively and continuously without allowing any fresh air to pass through for ventilation. Lack of ventilation and fresh air is also likely to make the air in the living space carry a lot of impurities which can cause various allergies such as itchy eyes, eczema, and asthma. It may even cause bed bugs and termites!

How Can Mattress Cleaning Be Done?

As already established above, mattress cleaning is very important to get rid of the impurities and ensure a healthy living. However, regular cleaning methods cannot be used to get rid of these impurities as they cannot help to get rid of the germs and bacteria and will only clean from the surface. The Healthy Home is a popular company that does wonderful mattress cleaning in Dubai and is well known to be one of the best mattress cleaners in the Middle East. How do they do it? The high technology which uses ultra violet rays is excellent to kill all kinds of germs and bacteria that have grown inside the mattress. They do this in three important steps. First, they do a deep vacuuming of the mattress using a high tech vacuuming device to suck off impurities and dust particles. Then they use UV rays which help to destroy the DNA of dust mites, bed bugs and, other microorganisms. Lastly, they do the steam sanitization which kills off any leftover bacteria in the mattress. 


The Healthy home provides a wonderful, medically developed, dry, and free of chemicals and eco-friendly sanitization treatment to get rid of all the impurities in your mattress so you may have a better sleep, better breathing, better immunity towards diseases and prevention from harmful bacteria and allergies.