Air Pollution Is Harmful To Children

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We are all living in a time where air pollution has taken over everything. The industrial revolution resulted in boosting of air pollution throughout the globe. With the increase of industries and factories, the air pollution increased drastically as well. In the modern world, large percentage of air pollution is caused due to waste from factories. The smoke content and waste coming from factories have toxic gases and chemical content in them which are very dangerous for the environment.

We do not realize it but when we inhale we breathe in the polluted air. Gradually this bad quality of air affects our lungs. We are left with respiratory problems then. But who should be responsible for this? It’s us who chose to live like this. We are the ones who pollute the air consciously or unconsciously. We do not realize that it is damaging us from inside, making us weak and lethargic. We are becoming immune to this polluted air which is not a healthy thing. Directly or indirectly we are losing something from inside which we are unable to realize or feel.

Air Pollution Affects Children’s Lungs Drastically:

Air pollution affects every living being on the planet. However the major victims of air pollution are children and young people. This is because it is their growing age and they are highly vulnerable to get breathing problems or lung issues. It even affects the babies in the womb of the mother. After they are born they are unable to develop their lungs properly. Even in teens, respiratory and lung problems are very common now. They are gradually becoming victims of asthma more rapidly. This is the reason asthma attacks are found mainly in children rather than old people. It does not even make a difference if we are indoor or outdoor. Air pollution is in the atmosphere polluting it to greater extents.

Main Sources And Reasons For Air Pollution:

Air pollution is greatly observed in urban cities. The main reason for air pollution and bad quality air is due to the poisonous fumes released from the vehicles. These traffic fumes greatly affect the air and cause difficulty in breathing for us. Another reason is due to the burning of garbage and trees. Huge amounts of Carbon dioxide are released which is deadly for human beings. Tobacco, chemicals used in industries and for cleaning purposes, industrial waste, uncovered gutters, these all are some of the main reasons for air pollution.

How Is Bad Quality Air Affecting Babies In The Womb?

Your baby can have asthma attacks from birth if it is exposed too much to the air pollution in the womb. These babies are unable to develop their lungs and can even find it hard to breathe in the womb. This can also lead to premature birth and your baby might tend to be born with low weight. That is why mothers must take precautions in their pregnancy to stay away from air pollution to deliver healthy babies. Mothers should follow precautionary steps to keep their children healthy and active. When mothers inhale toxic and bad quality air then that directly affects the baby’s health in the womb. 

Reasons For Bad Quality Air Are Especially Affecting Children:

Airways of children are smaller than adults and they are still developing by their age and growth. That is why young people are more sensitive to air pollution than adults. Children breathe rapidly than adults and they are inhaling all the pollutants more rapidly. Therefore, parents should make efforts to keep at least the indoor environment clean.

Air Conditioners And Indoor Air Quality

The air conditioners also greatly affect the indoor environment of the house. This is why it is important to keep your air conditioner in running condition. You should regularly clean the AC duct to keep the indoor air healthy and breathable. If you are someone who lives in Dubai then you can find some amazing AC duct cleaning services in the city.