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How safe is your baby’s crib?

Children’s health is a number one priority for parents, this is why you are constantly trying to protect your children from harmful microorganisms and viruses, especially during the children’s early years. Your baby or child spends almost half of their days in bed together with millions of microorganisms that accumulate over the days such as dust mites, bed bugs, mold, bacteria, and viruses, which make of their mattress a reproduction haven and a living hell for those people who suffer from allergies, asthma, eczema, conjunctivitis and COPD disease.

Some of these microbes are harmless to their body, and some are actually helpful, however, in the right concentration and the wrong circumstance, some microbes could harm your child solely by being in contact with them while they sleep. These harmful invaders can reproduce very rapidly, if left uncontrolled; as they feed off the dead skin your child sheds and live in the 1.5 liters of sweat they produce every night and urine.

Parents of children that suffer from allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and eczema should sanitize their cribs, mattresses and beds at least every three months. Parents of children who don’t suffer from these are recommended to sanitize their room at least twice a year since continuous exposure to allergens and bacteria can cause a series of respiratory issues.

بخلاف الشركات الأخرى، يعدّ Pure Sleep لتنظيف وتعقيم المراتب والذي توفره شركة ذي هلثي هوم العلاج المطوّر طبياً الأفضل من ناحية عملية تنظيف وتعقيم المراتب بشكل معمّق في دبي وأبو ظبي والإمارات العربية المتحدة

وباستخدام تكنولوجيا الأشعة فوق البنفسجية المبيدة للجراثيم Germicidal UltraViolet Light(GUVL)الرائدة في العالم، يضمن علاجنا التعقيمي الجاف والخالي من المواد الكيميائية نوماً هنيئاً لك ولعائلتك في بيئة صحية.

  • الخطوة الأولى

    الشفط المعمّق

    تستخدم شركة ذي هلثي هوم جهاز شفط بقوّة صناعية فائقة، يتميز بفلاتر الهيبا HEPA التي تعدّ أقوى بمعدل 11 مرّة من جهاز الشفط والتنظيف المنزلي ذلك للقضاء على جزيئات الغبار، والجراثيم الفطرية وغيرها من الملوّثات.

    احجز زيارة مجانية للتقييم الآن
  • الخطوة الثانية

    التعقيم بواسطة الأشعة فوق البنفسجية

    تعمل تكنولوجيا الأشعة فوق البنفسجية المبيدة للجراثيم Germicidal UltraViolet Light (GUVL) الخاصة بنا على القضاء على الحمض النووي للميكروبات بما في ذلك عث الغبار، بق المراتب، البكتيريا، العفن وغيرها من مسببات الأمراض الأخرى؛ بالإضافة إلى التخلص من الروائح الكريهة الموجودة في المراتب.

    احجز زيارة مجانية للتقييم الآن
  • الخطوة الثالثة

    التعقيم بالبخار

    إننا نقوم أيضاً بتعقيم إطار السرير، بالإضافة إلى اللحاف والوسائد. وتنتج هذه التقنية الجديدة صدمة حرارية على شكل رذاذ من البخاربدرجة حرارة 180 مما يقضي على جميع ما تبقى من البكتيريا والفيروسات والملوثات. ويجدر التنويه إلى أن هذا البخار يخف في أقل من دقيقة واحدة قاضياً على فرص نمو العفن تماماً مثل التنظيف التقليدي بالبخار.

    احجز زيارة مجانية للتقييم الآن
  • الخطوة الرابعة

    الحفاظ على النوم الصحي Pure Sleep

    يعود عث الغبار إلى التكاثر كل 6 أشهر، لذلك فإننا ننصح عملائنا بتعقيم المراتب على الأقل مرتين سنوياً، و4 مرات إذا ما كان يعيش في المنزل شخصاً يشكو من عوارض وأمراض في الجهاز التنفسي

    احجز زيارة مجانية للتقييم الآن

آراء عملائنا الصحيين بنا

  • review rating 4  Called the healthy home professionals today. Amazing work done by them. Fully sanitized my sofa sets, curtains as well as mattress. RESULTS..Amazing. Team included: Alvin, Redentor, Robert.

    thumb BONDWAHAJ007

    review rating 5  Not the first time I use the Healthy Home Services... The services they offer are the best; as they Extract everything out of the Mattress; such as Dust Mites, Dead Skin, and who knows what else is living in the Mattress. They use powerful vacuum cleaning followed by UV Treatment which is Equivalent to few hours of sunshine to the mattress.. I have been using their services since 5 years when a Doctor recommended I do Mattress cleaning at least once every year; as it's one of the main cause for Asthma and other Respiratory diseases. In case you're wondering what's this treatment, the team informed me today it's called (Pure Sleep Treatment) - Highly Recommended!

    thumb Ibrahim Jouaneh

    review rating 5  GOODBYE allergies and sneezing. This is my second experience with them in 2 years for cleaning the beds, mattresses, duvets, and pillows. very professional team, very high tech machines, and the result is amazing. Highly recommend service and company. Great Job and till next year.

    thumb Wassim Jabbour
  • review rating 5  We had The Healthy Home do our AC cleaning and matress/chairs cleaning. They were very thorough and professional with there work. The work done by them was worth it and we recommend them for any of the services they provide. Hope to get them to do the pesticide treatment once they get there AD pest license. Thank you for your great service.

    thumb Hamad AlMehairi

    review rating 5  Prompt, polite professional service. They also do an exception job of cleaning up after the AC servicing. I trust their work in terms of countering mould infestations.

    thumb Donavan Paul Rocher

    review rating 5  Extremely thorough sanitization procedure carried out by the team and within the promised time. Super satisfied with the work and recommend it to everyone

    thumb Priya Jethani
  • review rating 5  Amazing service! I have used The Healthy Home to clean and sanitize my AC, the team leader explained all the details about the job and what are the benefits.Honestly I was very surprised by the amount of dust and sand that was in my ducts! Thank you again for making my indoor environment healthier!😊

    thumb Gulzada Nasirova

    review rating 5  The service is truly second to none. I’ve been living in the UAE for years and have always had a difficult time finding someone to clean my upholstery without chemicals. Gil and Joel came to my home and were incredibly knowledgeable on the services I needed and very tidy. I’ve already shared Healthy Home’s information with friends!

    thumb Liria Gjidija

    review rating 5  I just had the mattress and the couch cleaned and sanitized. The team did the demo in the beginning, there was a lot to clean up, but at the end of the service, I manage to see even more. I’m so happy I got the service done, I can see the couch already looks cleaner and overall the air in the house feel less dusty. The team was great, on time, very helpful and professional! Overall very happy with the service! Thank you!!

    thumb Andreea Gurbina
  • review rating 5  Amazing experience with Healthy Home. This is second time we used them and the experience from the moment of booking through execution was brilliant. They booked us in over a busy weekend. Only downside was the result of the AC assessment. Mold!!! Thank goodness they were able to identify it and offer a solution. We will continue using them!

    thumb jes san

    review rating 5  I was not sure when I called Healthy home for their service as there are so many deep cleaning companies in Dubai. But once they finished work, I realized the difference in the quality of work between them and the other companies. The amount of dust they collected from all the carpets, sofas and mattresses was unbelievable. Would definitely recommend Healthy home for a high quality service!

    thumb Shravan Kumar

    review rating 5  Superb service! The Healthy Home Team is highly punctual and professional. I had my couch, dining chairs, mattress and curtains done and they all look and feel brand new. I can’t believe the amount of dirt and dust removed from all of them! I’m so happy that my home is now super healthy 🙂

    thumb mahi wasfy