How Can Mattress Cleaning Improve Your Health

Introduction We all like to keep our homes beautiful and hygienic. No one likes a dirty and unhygienic house.  We want our homes to be very clean because it is where we spend majority of our time with our family members. As the weather in the Middle East is mostly very hot and humid most of our time is spent indoors and it is most likely to have more pollution in the air than the outdoors. This means that regular cleaning of our home, sofas, surfaces and, mattresses is extremely important to get rid of surface and hidden impurities to ensure a healthy living. These impurities and dirt particles might look small and un-harmful at start but they are bound to become unhealthy in the long run.

Dirt And Impurities In Your Mattress Can Damage Your Health?

It is known that our beds and mattresses contain large percentage of germs. Bed Bugs can be very dangerous. They are the cause of many bodily diseases. No matter how clean you think your mattress looks, it is still filled with small and microscopic bed bugs that cannot be seen with a naked eye. These bed bugs and dirt particles in the air contaminate the mattress and when people inhale these dust particles then they become unhealthy as well. 

Staying at home for majority of the time means spending most of that time lying in the bed. Usually when we lay on the bed the sweat from our bodies is likely to get absorbed by the mattress especially if the weather is hot and humid. When we sleep our skin sheds off the dead skin cells and this along with the sweat gets absorbed in the mattress and gives birth to various dust mites inside it which in turn will make your mattress extremely unhygienic and harmful for your health to sleep on. Moreover, the impurities are likely to augment in the air and on the surfaces if the air conditioners are used excessively and continuously without allowing any fresh air to pass through for ventilation. Lack of ventilation and fresh air is also likely to make the air in the living space carry a lot of impurities which can cause various allergies such as itchy eyes, eczema, and asthma. It may even cause bed bugs and termites!

How Can Mattress Cleaning Be Done?

As already established above, mattress cleaning is very important to get rid of the impurities and ensure a healthy living. However, regular cleaning methods cannot be used to get rid of these impurities as they cannot help to get rid of the germs and bacteria and will only clean from the surface. The Healthy Home is a popular company that does wonderful mattress cleaning in Dubai and is well known to be one of the best mattress cleaners in the Middle East. How do they do it? The high technology which uses ultra violet rays is excellent to kill all kinds of germs and bacteria that have grown inside the mattress. They do this in three important steps. First, they do a deep vacuuming of the mattress using a high tech vacuuming device to suck off impurities and dust particles. Then they use UV rays which help to destroy the DNA of dust mites, bed bugs and, other microorganisms. Lastly, they do the steam sanitization which kills off any leftover bacteria in the mattress. 


The Healthy home provides a wonderful, medically developed, dry, and free of chemicals and eco-friendly sanitization treatment to get rid of all the impurities in your mattress so you may have a better sleep, better breathing, better immunity towards diseases and prevention from harmful bacteria and allergies.

How to Clean Your Home Before Your Baby Arrives?

Now that you have a baby on the way, it’s important to offer a clean, healthy environment for him/her upon arrival. And the best thing you can focus on is eliminating any of the dust, grime or dirt in your home. Here you have some guidelines on how you can clean your home before the baby will arrive.

Clean the carpets

Let’s face it, the carpets is where you will find most of the dirt, pet dander or debris. This is where your baby will end up sitting and trying to move. So it makes sense to ensure that you clean the carpets very well to avoid any problems. Carpets need to be cleaned with eco-friendly products to ensure that there are no chemicals. Even carpet fresheners are a no-go here, as that can be very problematic for your child. Vacuuming is also a really good idea and it will help you a lot. 


In the kitchen you want to keep a clean area where you can prepare bottles. Deep cleaning the countertops is a priority and you also want to wipe all the appliances and drawers. Disinfection is a must especially for those items that you will use for preparing your child’s meals. You should also clean the fridge too.


When it comes to furniture cleaning, you want to use eco-friendly cleaning products, no chemicals are allowed. Disinfection is a must, you can also use a steam cleaner for cleaning upholstery. And yes, there should be no smoking inside your home to really avoid any issues. If you can work with a professional cleaning company, they should be able to solve this issue pretty fast. It’s important to eliminate any dust, dirt or grime especially from the furniture. This ends up being what attracts dust and grime in the first place, so it’s a priority to focus on right from the start. But it will be worth it.

Remove the dust and cobwebs

These are not friendly environments for your baby. You do want to make sure that all the cobwebs and dust are removed quickly from your home. This will just end up attracting all kinds of bacteria and your child is very sensitive. So you do want to protect him and ensure that there are no issues. Once you do that you will be very happy with the results.

If you use these tips you should have no problem preparing your home for your baby. It’s not easy to do that on your own, most of the time you will have to work closely with a cleaning team to make that happen. But in the end it’s a priority and you do want to keep your entire family safe. Especially your child, which is prone to many health issues if the home is not clean. So you should consider working with a cleaning service to eliminate bacteria, dust and grime from your home. This way you can be 100% sure this is an environment ready for your baby!

What is the purpose of an air purifier?

In the past few years more and more people started to add an air purifier to their home. The idea of using tools that help you purify your home is quite exciting. And it definitely brings in front some amazing options all the time. The trick with air purifiers is that you need to find one that actively suits your budget. But why should you buy such a product in the first place? Here are some things to keep in mind!

You eliminate dust spores and allergens

One of the main advantages of air purifiers is that they allow you to breathe fresh air. All the unwanted air compounds will be pushed away. And in the end, you will get to have fresh air. That’s very exciting, and it just goes to show how incredible it is to own an air purifier to begin with. Being able to neutralize bacteria and viruses helps a lot as it maintains your home clean and bacteria-free.

It’s great for people with respiratory problems

The air purifier will remove airborne pollen and allergens in general. This means you get to breathe with great ease and results themselves will be second to none all the time. You will find it very easy to neutralize odor and toxins too, which is always a plus,

No more mold

It’s very easy for mold to appear, especially in dark places with lots of moisture. Thankfully the air purifier helps remove mold naturally. That helps immensely and it encourages you to stay healthy in the long run. You have to give it a shot and use it, as removing mold is very helpful, and it will eliminate lots of challenges from your side.

Smoke absorption

An air purifier will remove static charge and reduce the effect of washing agents or chemicals. But at the same time it’s also helpful because it absorbs smoke quite fast. The air will feel fresh even if you have a smoker within your home. All these little details matter a lot, and you will appreciate the great value and quality coming from this. Plus, it’s a great way to keep kids away from unwanted and dangerous smells like this.

Stress reduction

Studies showed that by removing air pollutants, you get to feel better and healthier. This helps reduce stress naturally, and it encourages you to boost your health quite fast. It really is one of the best ways to stay away from stress, and you will enjoy the tremendous results and quality provided here.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, the air purifier also helps you improve skin texture, elasticity and moisture. It’s safe to say that buying an air purifier can bring in amazing results and the payoff alone will be among some of the best all the time. All you have to do is to check it out, give it a try and see for yourself how beneficial this type of investment will be. We guarantee you will enjoy using the air purifier, and it’s an extraordinary investment!

Why You Really, Really Need To Deep Clean Your Mattress

As time goes by, your mattress gets dirty and it accumulates dust, dirt and even grime. It’s important to keep it clean at all times. After all, you are sleeping on it for at least 7 hours every day. The last thing you want is to be exposed to all kinds of bacteria and allergens. That’s why mattress deep cleaning is a very good idea. And you can find some of the health benefits below.

Better Sleep Quality

Once you sanitize your mattress you will start sleeping a lot better. That translates into a high-quality sleep. You will feel refreshed and full of energy when you wake up.

Easier Breathing

Deep cleaning removes all the allergens and bacteria from your mattress. As a result, there’s no need to worry about breathing problems or anything like that. It’s just an amazing experience and a great opportunity, something you will enjoy quite a bit.  

Improved Energy levels

Another great benefit here is that you can boost your energy levels naturally. As we mentioned earlier, sleeping without exposure to allergens will help you enhance your energy levels and productivity. And that can always lead to great things.

Boosts Immune system

By removing dust, dirt, grime and many allergens, deep cleaning helps boost your immune system naturally. It’s a great way to retain your amazing health naturally and it pays off big time.

Allergy & asthma relief

Thanks to deep cleaning and its allergen removal capabilities, you can finally get the asthma relief you always wanted quickly and with great convenience. It certainly helps a lot and you can retain really good health this way.

Bacteria free environment

Removing bacteria is something that deep cleaning can do for you, and that means you will sleep in a clean, healthy environment. You can’t ask for more, and you will be impressed with the efficiency and quality provided here.

As you can see, there are many health benefits that come from deep cleaning your mattress. Don’t hesitate and keep that in mind, it’s a set of extraordinary opportunities you do not want to miss.

Dubai restaurants to offer free tap water from 2020

Since climate change has made quite a lot of problematic changes in our lives, it seems that some countries are shifting their focus towards a better and more comprehensive way to deal with these problems. That’s why starting with 2020, restaura¬¬nts in Dubai will be advised to provide customers with free tap water. Water purification will be a must here because people need to receive purified, clean water and not water with any unhealthy particles in it.

Landlords are responsible for testing the water tank quality The thing that’s quite challenging about this new rule is that landlords need to make sure the water tank cleaning process is done properly. Their water tank needs to be clean and they need to ensure that the water purification process takes place adequately. If not, there will be problems to avoid and that on its own can become quite the issue right away.

It seems there’s a reason why water tank cleaning is mandatory, and that’s mostly designed to protect people and stay hydrated. But there’s also a secondary reason, and that’s to reduce the single use plastics that seemingly become more and more problematic in our lives nowadays.

As a result, starting with 2020 water purification will become mandatory. Restaurants and hotels will have drinking water regulations and they will let you know where and how you can drink the water. It’s nice to see that there’s a trend to actively protect the environment and keep it safe, and the results are quite amazing because of that. The single use plastics are extremely problematic at this time, so Dubai restaurants are actively trying to prevent any more damage to the planet.

Why is water tank cleaning mandatory? The tap water comes as drinking water, it’s already filtered. That means it undergoes the water purification process. And since it’s constantly moving to reach you, the results are very good. The problem comes when you store water in tanks. The risks increase and bacteria can easily appear in there. Which is why purifying the water becomes pretty much mandatory at this point. Making sure that the restaurants are washing tanks used for tap water.

The fact that water tank cleaning is a must-have for restaurants is actually a very good idea, and it clearly shows the importance that the local authorities give to this issue. However, the thing to note here is that the law will eventually include residential properties and not only restaurants. So if you have water in a water tank, then you will have to undergo your own water purification process. These are very important things to consider, and it will surely bring in the results you expect.

How can water tank cleaning help you? You will notice there are many benefits that come from water purification and tank cleaning in general. The first one is that water will be pure and without any possible germs or problems that may arise. You will also have fewer skin rashes and wrinkles. The water tank will be a bacteria-free environment, and that really helps a lot in a situation like this.

Plus, being able to boost the power of the immune system by accessing a clean and pure water source helps a lot. It allows you to stay healthy, and the results themselves can be staggering because of that. It really makes all the difference you would expect, so try to consider that and the outcome itself can be very interesting.

Regulations are becoming very strict The thing to note with delivering free tap water to people is that it’s extremely important for them to take good care of all clients. Understanding and managing all of that is pretty much mandatory, and knowing how to handle stuff like this can make quite the difference. It helps immensely and the value itself can be second to none.

Conclusion Water tank cleaning becoming mandatory is a huge deal in Dubai and we hope that other countries will do it too. This is crucial and it will end up protecting people and helping them in the long run. Challenges can arise at any moment, so what you want to do is to keep people away from any looming bacteria. Thankfully that can bring in front of some amazing results, and that’s what you want to achieve the most. For now, only restaurants and hotels will have to abide to the new code, but water purification is set to become a must for everyone in the next few years!

How to Keep Pests out of Homes this Winter Season?

Hiring the best pest control services in Dubai is crucial if you want to keep these unwanted critters away. Not only that, but it’s extremely important to eliminate the hassle and finally focus on keeping your home and your family safe in a meaningful and powerful way. But how can you keep these pests away from your home during the winter? You have to realize that most people are leaving their homes during this time, so pest control Dubai is something they need to do before they go on Holiday. Otherwise, they can end up dealing with a huge infestation of critters on their hands.

What kind of pests can you deal with? That depends, it can be bugs, rats, squirrels, racoons and so on. If you have any opening for critters to come into your home, they will use that. Which is why finding the best way to deal with pests is crucial, as it will eliminate the hassle and you can finally focus on getting the best possible results. Once you try to tackle that correctly, nothing will stand in your way.

Keep your food in airtight containers Most pest control services will tell you to pay attention to how you store your food. If mice or rats, even other pests end up smelling food, they will do whatever they can in order to reach it. And that means damaging your home and anything around.

Repair all cracks and crevices Again, if you want to go on a vacation, you should make sure that you hire the best pest control Dubai service to prevent pests and also you need to repair crevices. The reason you want to do that is because the experience will be better and the results you can get are a lot more impressive. You don’t want to deal with unwanted, challenging repairs, but stopping any access for these pests is a must.

Clean up your home Pests tend to be attracted by junk and leftovers. If you clean up your home during the holidays, then you will solve the issue and you won’t have to worry that much about the challenges that can arise. It’s just a lot easier to clean up your home and avoid any issues instead of constantly worrying about the challenges that can arise. That also includes vacuuming your home, which becomes a huge part of the cleanup process.

Don’t store a lot of items on the floor This is a perfect hiding place for pests. That’s why most pest control services will usually go ahead and declutter stuff to find the infestation spot. Not storing items on the floor is pretty much a must-have, so try to take that into account and you will be fine in a situation like this.

Check if your home’s foundation has any damage If there’s any foundation damage, then you will have to tackle that the best way that you can. Mice and other pests can easily fit through any foundation damage, and you want to avoid that.

Repair the damaged window screens These will make sure that your windows are not an entry point for pests. The pest control Dubai service will usually check that to see if there are problems, and it really helps a lot to assess the situation and ensure that it works the way you want. While there, you also want to install door sweeps, as they will serve a similar purpose. It helps a lot especially when you’re going away for the holidays since your home will be airtight.

Remove all moisture sites Normally you will notice the pest control services targeting locations like clogged drains or leaking pipes. The reason is simple, pests will end up going there to live or just to hydrate themselves. Obviously you want to avoid any moisture site in your home, that means you need to solve any plumbing problems as fast as you can.

Store firewood away from your home Another tip from pest control services is to keep firewood away from your home. Ants, mice and other pests will use wood piles like that as their nest. As a result, this is their home and it will end up being very easy for them to attack your home while you are away.

Conclusion The pest control Dubai services are here to ensure that you can avoid any possible pest problems. There will always be issues with pests, especially as our homes expand to the wilderness due to the increased population. Thankfully, with the right pest control services, you can easily get the results you want and you can keep these pests away from your home. Use our tips and we guarantee that you will have a very good experience every time!