Indoor Environment Quality is linked to your health

Dubai, UAE – During summer UAE residents find themselves complaining about various illnesses prone to the hotter months like severe headaches, lethargy and sinusitis. The go to diagnosis is the increased usage of the air conditioning which in reality only forms part of the hidden truth. The problem lies within the Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), a serious problem which can be detrimental to a person’s health.

People spend 80 percent of their time indoors whether during summer or winter. Furthermore, the Middle East provides the perfect breeding conditions for many impurities due to the extreme temperatures and humidity, poor indoor air quality due to the continuous use of air conditioning, double glazed windows that prevent direct UV sun light penetration (the first known natural disinfectant) and frequent sand storms and surrounding construction dust.

To put this into perspective, a person is repeatedly exposed to indoor air pollutants as the Indoor Air is two to five times more polluted than the Outdoor Air. These pollutants come from activities, products and materials we use every day.

“The lifestyle in the UAE is typical for allergies, sinusitis, hay fever as well as asthma and there are now well-defined areas where dust mites and dander are each the strongest contributors to asthma risk. Indoor allergens, such as dust mites, are also more important in the pathogenesis of allergic airway disease than others,” said Dr. Johannes. C. van Wyk, General Practitioner, Medi Clinic.

One of the biggest breeding places for impurities and micro-organisms is the mattress. A person spends one third of his or her life sleeping which provides a lot of exposure to dust mites, bed bugs, mold and fungi. The most concerning fact is that at any given time there are 2 million dust mites living in a mattress and they reproduce by feeding on a human’s dead skin flakes and sweat that seeps through the mattress while sleeping at night.

“By minimizing upholstery and fabric reservoirs in the environment of the dust mite allergic person and using a vacuum equipped with a high-efficiency particular air (HEPA) filter in the areas where the person spends most of his or her time, like the bedroom, lower allergen levels and a clinical improvement will be noticed. It’s also important to minimize the use of chemical cleaning products as this also effects the air quality that is inhaled,” added Dr. Johannes.

Home-grown company, The Healthy Home, specializes and is the only company in the Middle East that can sanitize a mattress. The company uses an innovative, dry and chemical-free deep-cleaning treatment that eliminates dead or alive dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, mold and fungi and their fragments from any home environment to limit exposure to indoor allergen.

The Healthy Home uses an industrial-strength pulsating vacuum device that provides extreme vibration and suction to both sides of the mattress which has 11 times the suction power of your regular vacuum machine and also contains all fragments through the HEPA filter. remUVe®, the world’s only medical grade Ultra-Violet mattress sanitizing technology, is exclusively used by The Healthy Home. The device, which uses powerful Ultra Violet light to destroy DNA, eliminates any remaining dust mites, bacteria, mold and other pathogens, leaving the mattress completely sanitized and odor free.

It is recommended to deep clean and sanitize a mattress on a frequent basis or at least twice a year or every three months in case of any allergy sufferer in the household to prevent and alleviate associated symptoms and diseases. To book your free demo or to schedule an appointment with your trusted go-to-partner for your indoor deep cleaning and sanitizing call 800 SANITIZE (800 72648493) or visit www.thehealthyhome.me.

Protect your child against fatigue and allergies

Dubai, UAE – Grab your back packs as it’s time to get back to school and back to your regular routine. For some, the summer holidays may have provided the ideal time for some do-it-yourself at home chores but for the majority, the hotter months were spent abroad. Locked up homes hold a great number of hazards for parents and their children as the lack of air ventilation makes your home the perfect breeding environment for the smallest of impurities that can cause the biggest of problems.In short, while you were away, your home became a massive breeding hotspot for impurities such as dust mites, bacteria, mold, viruses and other pathogens. One of the biggest breeding places for impurities and micro-organisms is the mattress. A person spends one third of his or her life sleeping which provides a lot of exposure to dust mites, bed bugs, mold and fungi.“As families return from their summer holiday and children are getting ready to go back to school, it is important for parents to realize the harmful elements that are lingering in their homes. These impurities can affect their children’s ability to focus in school as it can cause fatigue, headaches, sneezing and coughing which may interfere with the child’s ability to focus in class and his or her learning capability,” advised Cecilia Humphreys, Sales and Marketing Manager, The Healthy Home ME.The latest UAE research (2009) says 40% of children and one third of adults in the UAE suffer from Allergic Rhinitis, a common disease that is influenced by the presence of impurities and micro-organisms. “The lifestyle in the UAE is typical for allergies, sinusitis, hay fever as well as asthma and there are now well-defined areas where dust mites and dander are each the strongest contributors to asthma risk. Indoor allergens, such as dust mites, are also more important in the pathogenesis of allergic airway disease than others,” said Dr. Johannes. C. van Dijk, General Practitioner, Medi Clinic.Home-grown company, The Healthy Home, specializes and is the only company in the Middle East that can sanitize a mattress. The company uses an innovative, dry and chemical-free deep-cleaning treatment that eliminates dead or alive dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, mold and fungi and their fragments from any home environment to limit exposure to indoor allergen.“We strive to create awareness about Indoor Environmental Quality and how it can affect a person’s well-being and health. Furthermore, we aim to educate children and parents on effective ways to improve their indoor well-being and you can find some great tips on our website. We encourage schools and nurseries to get in touch with us in order to sign up for special rates which can be shared with the parents and also used to provide a healthier learning environment for children,” concluded Cecilia.

إطلاق شركة ’ذي هيلثي هوم‘ التي توفّر طرق علاجيّة تعدّ الأولى من نوعها في مجال تعزيز جودة البيئة الداخليّة

إطلاق شركة ’ذي هيلثي هوم‘ التي توفّر طرق علاجيّة تعدّ الأولى من نوعها في مجال تعزيز جودة البيئة الداخليّة

تأسست شركة ’ذي هيلثي هوم ميدل إيست‘ (The Healthy Home Middle East) برؤية خاصّة بتعزيز جودة البيئة الداخليّة

هي الشركة الوحيدة في منطقة الشرق الأوسط التي توفّر لفراشك التعقيم الكامل

تستخدم الشركة آلة ’ريموف‘ (®remUVe) التي تعتبر التقنيّة الوحيدة في العالم لتعقيم الفراش بواسطة الأشعة ما فوق البنفسجيّة، والمتوفّرة لديها حصرياً في منطقة الشرق الأوسط

دبي، 25 يونيو 2013؛ تم مؤخّراً الإعلان عن إطلاق شركة ’ذي هيلثي هوم‘، التي تأخذ من دبي مقراً لها وتختص في مجال التخلّص من الكائنات الحية غير المرئية والملوّثات الموجودة في الأماكن المغلقة، وذلك سعياً من أجل نشر الوعي في ما يخص العناية بالبيئة الداخليّة بهدف تحسين صحة ورفاه المجتمع.

وتقول سيسيليا هامفريز، مديرة المبيعات والتسويق في شركة ’ذي هيلثي هوم‘: “يحمل إطلاق شركة ’ذي هيلثي هوم‘ قيمة كبيرة بالنسبة لصاحبها الذي شرع بالبحث عن حلول مختلفة من أجل تحسين صحّة طفله الذي كان يعاني من مشكلة الربو والحساسية منذ كان عمره 16 شهراً. اليوم، ونتيجةً لأبحاثه المعمّقة والخدمات التي توفّرها شركة ’ذي هيلثي هوم‘، أضحى ابنه قادراً على اللعب مثله مثل أي طفل طبيعي دون أي مخاوف من إصابته بنوبات ربو مروّعة”.

توفّر شركة ’ذي هيلثي هوم‘ علاجاً مبتكراً للتعقيم والتنظيف المعمّق هادفةً إلى القضاء على عث الغبار الموجود في المنزل، حياً كان أم ميتاً، بالإضافة إلى إفرازاته وذلك من أجل الحد من التعرّض لمسببات الحساسية الموجودة في البيئة الداخليّة. وتعمل الشركة على معالجة وتعقيم أسطح الأفرشة وداخلها للتخلّص من عث الغبار، والبق، والبكتيريا، والعفن، والفطريات.

تجدر الإشارة إلى أن منطقة الشرق الأوسط توفّر الظروف الأمثل لتكاثر أعداد كبيرة من الملوّثات. يعود السبب في ذلك إلى ارتفاع درجات الحرارة والرطوبة العالية، فضلاً عن رداءة جودة الهواء الداخلي بسبب الاستخدام المستمر للتكييف، والنوافذ الزجاجية المزدوجة التي تكبح الدخول المباشر لأشعة الشمس ما فوق البنفسجيّة إلى داخل المنزل (حيث تعتبر تلك الأخيرة المعقّم الطبيعي الأوّل)، بالإضافة إلى هبوب العواصف الرملية وانتشار غبار مشاريع البناء المحيطة.

وتضيف سيسيليا قائلةً: “يجب على المرء أن يعلم أنه تعيش في سريره مليونَي حشرة عث غبار، والأسوأ من ذلك كلّه هو أنها تقتات على دمه أثناء نومه في الليل، مع الأخذ بعين الاعتبار أن كل فرد يمضي ثلث حياته في فراشه. إننا نسعى إلى تثقيف الأفراد حول ضرورة العناية ببيئتهم الداخليّة، كما وأننا نريد أن تنتقل هذه الرسالة أيضاً إلى أماكن العمل، والفنادق، وحضانات الأطفال، والمكاتب، والمستشفيات”.

تتألّف عمليّة المعالجة بواسطة وسائل خالية من المواد الكيميائيّة والجافّة كلياً، بالإضافة إلى كونها صديقة للبيئة، من خطوتَين أساسيتَين:

الخطوة الأولى:

تقضي باستخدام آلة متخصصة ذات قوّة شفط فائقة تعمل على التخلّص من جزيئيات الغبار، والجراثيم الفطريّة وغيرها من كلَي جانبَي الفراش.

تتمتّع الآلات الخاصّة بالشركة بقوّة شفط تصل حتى 11 ضعف تلك التي تتّسم بها آلة التنظيف الموجودة لديك في المنزل.

الخطوة الثانية:

استخدام آلة التعقيم الحصريّة التي ترتكز على الأشعة ما فوق البنفسجيّة من أجل القضاء على الحمض النووي، والتخلّص من أي بقايا لعث الغبار، والبكتيريا، والعفن وغيرها من مسببات الأمراض الأخرى، موفرةً بذلك التعقيم الكامل للفراش.

تعكس الأشعة ما فوق البنفسجيّة نظام التنقية الطبيعي الخاص بالشمس، فتعمل على تحليل الميكروبات المسؤولة عن الحساسية والأمراض والتي تعيش وتتكاثر على أسطح مفروشات منزلك وفي داخلها، كما وتقوم في الوقت ذاته بتنقية الفراش وإزالة الروائح الكريهة التي يمكن أن تصدر منه.

وتختتم سيسليا قائلةً: “نحن ملتزمون بالعناية بصحة ورفاه مجتمعنا. إننا على يقين بأن الناس على بيّنة من حقيقة أنهم لا يشعرون بصحّة جيّدة ويعانون من مشاكل حساسيّة مختلفة في منازلهم التي تشكل الأعراض التي يجب البحث عنها؛ إلا أنهم لا يقومون بشيء حيال ذلك فيرمون باللوم على الظروف المناخية القاسية وأساليب حياتهم. وفي النهاية، لا يسعني القول إلا أنه يمكن لأصغر تغيير يطرأ على بيئتهم الداخليّة أن يكون له أكبر تأثير إيجابي على صحّتهم”.

تتضمّن أبرز الأعراض الناجمة عن مسببات الأمراض والكائنات الحية الصغيرة صداع وآلام في الرأس، وتعب، واحمرار في العينين، وتعطيس، وسعال، وحكّة في الحلق والجلد والأنف والعينَين. ويمكن لهذه الأعراض أن تؤدي إلى المزيد من الأمراض التي يمكن أن يكون لها آثاراً وخيمة على صحّة الفرد مثل التهابات في الأنف، والتهابات الجيوب الأنفيّة، والربو، والأكزيما، بالإضافة إلى الالتهاب في الشعب الهوائية، والالتهاب في الملتحمة. في الواقع، تشكّل هذه الملوّثات والكائنات الحيّة جزءاً من حياتنا إلا أنه يُنصَح أن يتم تعقيم الفراش مرتَين سنوياً على الأقل، أو كل ثلاثة أشهر في حال تواجد في المنزل شخصاً يعاني من الحساسية، وذلك من أجل تجنّب هذه الأمراض والمشاكل الصحية.

لحجز تجربة مجانيّة أو لتحديد موعد مع الشريك الأكثر موثوقية للتنظيف المعمّق وتعقيم المفروشات، يرجى الاتصال على

800 SANITIZE (8493 7264 800) أو زيارة الموقع الإلكتروني: www.thehealthyhome.me.

How to choose a good carpet cleaning service?

If you want to clean your carpets properly, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. They have all the equipment and knowledge needed to complete this task properly. You don’t have the time needed to clean carpets yourself, so working with a carpet cleaning service is the best and most efficient way to keep your home or business clean. But how can you choose the best carpet cleaning service? Here are some ideas to consider.

Industry experience

Ideally you want to work with companies that have a lot of experience in the industry. If they cleaned carpets for multiple years, that means they have the expertise and professionalism needed to help you. Plus, vetted companies also have a plethora of different carpet cleaning services too. And that’s exactly what you need to focus on. Customizable services

As we mentioned earlier, you want a company that has more than just a general carpet cleaning service. You want stain removal, carpet repair, spray cleaning or vacuum cleaning. Not every person has the same carpet cleaning requirements. So having adaptable services and features is what you want to focus on. You need to customize the service in order to make sure results are great every time.

High quality equipment

In order for the carpet cleaning service to work properly it needs to use high quality equipment. By using professional equipment, the carpet cleaning service will find it a lot easier to eliminate dust, dirt and grime naturally. And that can make the difference as you might imagine.

Are they insured?

There are situations when your carpets might get damaged during the repair process or anything like that. Unfortunately stuff like this happens, and it’s definitely not the fault of that carpet cleaning service. Even so, many companies in this industry are insured, and if something like that happens, their insurance will cover carpet costs. Which is why you want to work with an insured business.

Read reviews and testimonials

Customers don’t really lie when it comes to reviews. You will see some maleficent reviews here and there, but most of them are honest. And that will bring you a good idea of what that company offers, what you can expect and so on. Price point

Is the carpet cleaning service affordable or not? What are they including in the main service? Do you have to pay extra for additional services? It depends on a variety of factors, but knowing how and when to handle this type of situation will pay off big time, so try to consider that.

We recommend you to use all these tips as you try to find the best carpet cleaning service on the market. It’s important to think about everything especially if you want to use that business in the long run. Use this idea to your own advantage and you will be more than happy with the results every time.

How to make my room as dust-free as possible?

Making your home dust-free can be very tricky and quite challenging. The reason is simple, dust will appear out of nowhere and if you don’t clean your home often, it will come back. Which is why you need to figure out the right method you can use to keep your home dust-free all the time. And here we have some tips that might be able to help!

Use sturdy mats inside and outside your entry door

The reason is simple, these mats will accumulate most of the dust, dirt and grime from whomever enters your home. The idea is to clean these often, otherwise it will be easy to spread dust all over your home. While there, make sure that people remove their shoes when they enter your home. You can have a basket of washable slipper socks or you can actually prepare a few pairs of slippers that you clean often.

Change your bedding every week

You get to remove dust mites naturally this way, not to mention you don’t leave enough time for dust and allergens to reach your bedding. It’s a very good and comprehensive idea, one that does tend to pay off big time if you use it wisely.

Remove floor carpeting

Carpeted floors require high maintenance and they are dust magnets. You will need to vacuum these daily. Investing in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that you use once a few days is a very good idea. Or you can stick to tile flooring, hardwood, vinyl and so on.

Clean from top to bottom

You need to clean the highest surfaces first. And then you will go downward as you go along. The idea is that you use this to capture any dust you missed. And you won’t have to worry about dust getting back on the items you just cleaned.

Use an air purifier

Most air purifier will help you eliminate some of the dust particles naturally. While it won’t remove the large dust particles, it’s very good against the smaller particles, so use that to your advantage. Remove clutter from your room

Be organized and make sure that you don’t clutter up your home all the time. Cleaning items is a lot easier since they are individually placed. Also, item piles are known to be major dust magnets, so try to avoid having such a thing in any room.

Clean your rugs and pillows outside your home

If you clean these inside, you’re basically spreading the dust back into your home. Cleaning these outside is a lot better, this way you know all the clutter is outside and that really helps a lot. We encourage you to take your time and actively focus on removing dust from your home naturally. It helps immensely and you should totally give it a try in the end. The results will be among some of the best all the time, as you might imagine. Use these tips and make sure that you implement them correctly. You will not have to worry about dust anymore if you give them a try today!

3 Reasons A Professional Home Cleaner Is Necessary For You?

Now is the time when every individual is busy and engaged in multiple jobs at one time. Multitasking has, therefore, become common among men and women. They have to manage multiple things at one time and meet their deadlines very often. Our society has become more career-oriented which is a positive thing to be. This makes us move tiny steps ahead towards success. But it remains incomplete if we are not personally organized and clean if we are unable to keep our house neat and organized. Then all this goes in vain. 

Many people now find a need for calling deep cleaning services of their houses. They want to intensely clean their house, from scratch so that it looks presentable and pleasant all the time. Many working women find the need for calling out house cleaning services in Dubai so that half of their stress and work is eased down. Since calling maids is expensive now and not all job-oriented people can afford this that is why they go for a professional home cleaning service whenever they feel the need. 

Reasons Why You Need A Professional Home Cleaner:

  • Makes Your Home Intensely Clean And Hygienic:

Most of the women stress about having a hygienic home to live in and how to maintain hygiene in homes. It is a tuff job and needs a lot of energy. It gets pretty tiring to clean the entire house in one day all alone. It might even take days to deep clean the house and then organizing it your way. Therefore, a professional cleaner is required to quickly clean your house your way. You can manage other tasks if there is a cleaner working to maintain your house. A professional cleaner has the best detergents which are effective enough to clean your house within a day. They have skills on how clean every corner of your house and give it back to you in a crystal clear state.    

  • Releases Your Stress By Providing Quick Services:

Professional cleaners take some hours to make your house spick and span. They have suitable equipment and machinery to make the entire process fast and less time-consuming. You are able to release your stress if you hire them. If you are planning to throw a party at your place you can immediately call professional cleaners so that you don’t spend your whole day just cleaning your house. It leaves behind some time and energy to look after other things and especially yourself.

  • It Helps You Save A Lot Of Money:

If you are on a budget then you might not be able to afford a daily home cleaner or a maid. The option of hiring a maid is extraordinarily expensive. It is hard for working people to afford them to keep their house clean. So those who do it themselves, this option is a perfect fit for them. Professional home cleaners save a lot of money by providing different packages and discounts. This is just for a day so you can easily afford to pay them. 


It is very important to let the professionals do the job. You can clean your home on your own however hiring a professional will help you get a cleaner house. Professionals have proper tools and materials to clean your house. When you clean your house yourself then that might look good however it won’t have a long lasting effect on your house. In order to keep all aspects of your house clean for longer periods of time, it is important that you do your homework and choose the best cleaning services near you. It is important that you research and choose the most credible and effective cleaning services.

5 Easy Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

We always stress on maintaining the most expensive assets we have bought. Or we can say the luxuries in our house or any other property. We usually install some complex systems in our houses but be most of the time forget that these systems which provide comfort need our attention as well. These systems need to be looked after. This might sound like a lot of work and costs, but it is not if you are maintaining these systems often. One of the most important systems which we all install for our comfort in our house is the Air Conditioner. We usually forget that air conditioners also require maintenance to provide a perfect cool environment in the house.

Therefore, we will be discussing some tips of AC cleaning. One thing to keep in mind is that the maintenance of air conditioners is required very often. You should be at least able to clean them on your own so that its vent can blow cool air evenly. Since dust is all around our atmosphere, air conditioners become the first victim of dust.

Tips On Maintaining Air Conditioners:

  • Clean The Coils And Vents Of The Air Conditioner:

Since dust is everywhere in the environment, make sure to clean the vent of the air conditioners thoroughly. No matter how much effort we make to keep all the windows, doors, ad other tiny openings of the house sealed there are still dust particles seen inside the house. These particles get gathered in the vent and coil of the air conditioners and block the cool air. That is why make sure to wipe the dust and dirt from the coil and vents of the air conditioners. You may use a wet sponge to clean it.

  • Clean The Invasive Plants Or Any Debris Inside:

There are a lot of chances that these small invasive plants or debris like small leaves, grass, and pollen, etc. can grow inside the air conditioners or even around the outdoor units of the house. These badly block the air to be blown out. The reason why these invasive plants grow is because of the moisture which is always in the air conditioners. It leaves space for these small plants to grow. You must immediately trim the surrounding plants which might affect the air conditioners. 

  • Get The Service Done By A Professional:

Make sure you get the service of the AC done by a professional. Professionals have the right experience and clean the ac in a better and more efficient way. They even check the sufficiency of the gas in the air conditioner. 

  • Ac Duct Cleaning And Maintenance:

If the duct is ripped or broken from somewhere it would not let the air pass through it. Therefore, always check that there is no leakage or blockage in your ducts so that cool air can be passed easily. It is very important to check the duct on a regular basis. If you want to enjoy a healthy environment then it is very important for you to keep your AC duct clean.

  • Change Filters Monthly:

Dirty filters would not let the air to pass properly. That is why make sure to clean them with water every month by changing them or replacing them. Not changing the filters will not only ruin the indoor environment but it will also lower the lifespan of the air conditioner. 

If you are looking for AC maintenance and cleaning services in Dubai then look no further than us. We provide AC duct cleaning and maintenance services in Dubai to ensure a convenient AC maintenance experience.

6 Gross Things That Could Be On Your Toothbrush

Keeping your toothbrush clean is very important, which is why it’s recommended to clean it after each brushing. And there’s a reason for that because each time you use it lots of things can adhere to it. Since most of us keep the toothbrush open to air particles and bacteria, it’s easy to find some of the following things on it after a while.


Your toilet and sink are close to one another, so you will end up having fecal matter on your toothbrush especially after flushing. E-coli is a bacteria that will develop this way and it’s associated with gastrointestinal disease. There’s not a lot you can do to prevent the existence of e-coli in your bathroom, aside from maybe flushing with the lid down. Also, wash your hands after you go to the restroom and change the toothbrush every 2-3 months.


Some people have issues with their gums, and they can end up with bloody gums when brushing their teeth. Obviously that’s a problem because blood will attract bacteria and in the end you can end up with inflammation and dental plaque. What you want to do here is to make sure that you go to the dentist often and treat any gum diseases that you may have, just to be safe. 


Candida appears when the toothbrush is passed from one person to the other. This germ is bringing in diaper rash and yeast infections. What you can do at this point is to try and ensure no person in your home is giving his/her toothbrush to someone else. And in your case, you should avoid sharing your toothbrush with other people especially when you are traveling. This can lead to serious health issues and in the end that can be quite the challenge. It will help if you visit the dentist to identify any signs of candida and remove them early on if you can do so.

Herpes simplex type one

The problem with herpes simplex is that this is a virus, not bacteria. The virus will stay on your toothbrush for a week and it can end up bringing an active herpes outbreak most of the time. Again, sharing toothbrushes can be a problem, and that’s something to keep in mind. Clean the toothbrush often too, as that might also be a very good way to deal with this type of problem just to be safe. If you don’t handle this quickly and in a proper manner, it can end up bringing in viral particles and numerous infections. This is why taking good care of your toothbrush is pretty much a priority.

Food debris

Sometimes food debris can go deep in between your teeth and even the toothbrush won’t be able to remove it right away. That’s why it’s very important to try and wash your brush properly to ensure it can catch any debris. You can also try some of the old school options like using antibacterial mouth rinse or anything that can help you get the results you expect. It helps immensely and it delivers some extraordinary results if you do it right, so try to take that into consideration.

Streptococcus mutans

This bacteria will be o0n your toothbrush rather often. But you don’t really want it to be there as it can end up leading to stuff like dental decay or any similar problems. It doesn’t seem like a major issue at first, but it does become a problem and it’s something you want to address sooner rather than later. It will be worth it if you clean the toothbrush often and always ensure there are no food residues on the brush, which can happen. Replacing the brush every quarter is a good idea to get rid of this situation.

As you can see, there can be plenty of gross things on your toothbrush. And if you don’t clean it often, things can get even worse. Which is why you should always take good care of your toothbrush. It matters how and when you clean it, but also where you store it to. The more you focus on that, the better the results will be, so try to take that into consideration.

Air Pollution Is Harmful To Children

We are all living in a time where air pollution has taken over everything. The industrial revolution resulted in boosting of air pollution throughout the globe. With the increase of industries and factories, the air pollution increased drastically as well. In the modern world, large percentage of air pollution is caused due to waste from factories. The smoke content and waste coming from factories have toxic gases and chemical content in them which are very dangerous for the environment.

We do not realize it but when we inhale we breathe in the polluted air. Gradually this bad quality of air affects our lungs. We are left with respiratory problems then. But who should be responsible for this? It’s us who chose to live like this. We are the ones who pollute the air consciously or unconsciously. We do not realize that it is damaging us from inside, making us weak and lethargic. We are becoming immune to this polluted air which is not a healthy thing. Directly or indirectly we are losing something from inside which we are unable to realize or feel.

Air Pollution Affects Children’s Lungs Drastically:

Air pollution affects every living being on the planet. However the major victims of air pollution are children and young people. This is because it is their growing age and they are highly vulnerable to get breathing problems or lung issues. It even affects the babies in the womb of the mother. After they are born they are unable to develop their lungs properly. Even in teens, respiratory and lung problems are very common now. They are gradually becoming victims of asthma more rapidly. This is the reason asthma attacks are found mainly in children rather than old people. It does not even make a difference if we are indoor or outdoor. Air pollution is in the atmosphere polluting it to greater extents.

Main Sources And Reasons For Air Pollution:

Air pollution is greatly observed in urban cities. The main reason for air pollution and bad quality air is due to the poisonous fumes released from the vehicles. These traffic fumes greatly affect the air and cause difficulty in breathing for us. Another reason is due to the burning of garbage and trees. Huge amounts of Carbon dioxide are released which is deadly for human beings. Tobacco, chemicals used in industries and for cleaning purposes, industrial waste, uncovered gutters, these all are some of the main reasons for air pollution.

How Is Bad Quality Air Affecting Babies In The Womb?

Your baby can have asthma attacks from birth if it is exposed too much to the air pollution in the womb. These babies are unable to develop their lungs and can even find it hard to breathe in the womb. This can also lead to premature birth and your baby might tend to be born with low weight. That is why mothers must take precautions in their pregnancy to stay away from air pollution to deliver healthy babies. Mothers should follow precautionary steps to keep their children healthy and active. When mothers inhale toxic and bad quality air then that directly affects the baby’s health in the womb. 

Reasons For Bad Quality Air Are Especially Affecting Children:

Airways of children are smaller than adults and they are still developing by their age and growth. That is why young people are more sensitive to air pollution than adults. Children breathe rapidly than adults and they are inhaling all the pollutants more rapidly. Therefore, parents should make efforts to keep at least the indoor environment clean.

Air Conditioners And Indoor Air Quality

The air conditioners also greatly affect the indoor environment of the house. This is why it is important to keep your air conditioner in running condition. You should regularly clean the AC duct to keep the indoor air healthy and breathable. If you are someone who lives in Dubai then you can find some amazing AC duct cleaning services in the city.